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In 2008 an idea was formed to create a Premium Irish Cream Liqueur. The aim was simple: to make the world’s most delicious tasting cream liqueur. The finest Single Malt Irish Whiskey, sourced from one of Ireland’s oldest distilleries, was selected and blended with real white Belgian chocolate and fresh, natural Dairy Cream to create Coole Swan – it was love at first taste…

Coole Swan is owned and run by the husband and wife team of Mary Sadlier and Philip Brady and is based on their family farm in County Meath and bottled in County Cavan on the East Coast of Ireland about 1 hour North of Dublin.

Nothing keeps Coole Swan grounded more than day to day farm work. The quality of the ingredients are never underestimated or miscalculated as Coole Swan is based right in the middle of the family farm in a converted barn. The grain that makes the whiskey, the cows who produce the Fresh Dairy Cream, everything is considered and measured twice.

Coole Swan was inspired by one of Ireland’s Great Romantic Poets – WB Yeats. The most famous poem being “The Wild Swans at Coole”. This poem is about the search for a lasting beauty in a changing world, an aspiration the team at Coole Swan work tirelessly to achieve and maintain.

The Coole Swan bottle is based on the Victorian Milk Bottle. The bottles are produced by Hrastnik in Slovenia and decorated in Poland by a great team at Dekor Glas. At Dekor the bottles are painted with a special white, light resistant paint keeping Coole Swan fresh and ready for consumption.

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