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Le Fournil, the artisan Boulanger patissier chocolatier located in Tobergal Lane, it is, Clotilde said, the only place in Sligo where chocolates and pastry are made on site. And apart from their mouth-watering taste, even the beautiful appearance of these gourmet creations are a sight to behold. Until recently, French bread was also baked on the Sligo premises but because it was too small, it now comes, freshly made every morning, from Donegal Town.Le Fournil was opened five years ago by Frenchman Franck Pasquier, who now operates the Donegal outlet.” I worked for him for the last two or three years and I took over last summer,” Clotilde explained. During the last five years, there have, of course, been changes in the Tobergal Lane/Rockwood Parade area but, at Le Fournil, one thing remains a constant.” We use real ingredients. No additives. It’s not organic but it’s natural” What changed is that we have more products than before.” This is really a French place.” Nearly everything comes from France,”

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