Eating Lemons, Scorpions and Live Brains: Gulp! Show comes to A Taste of Donegal.


Prepare to lick your lips! Award-winning science broadcaster Jonathan McCrea (RTE/Newstalk/TV3) and geek chef Ivan Varian (Dalkey Food Company) are bringing their brand new live show Gulp! to this year’s A Taste of Donegal. Come and have your tastebuds turned upside down as they talk about taste and serve up some delicious (and not so delicious!) treats. Eat raw lemons that taste sweet, suck on a scorpion lollipop, dig into some fried brains and find out if you are a supertaster in this interactive, hilarious and surprising show. Along you’ll learn how to cook sous vide in a cooler box, master the art of spherification and eat dry-ice cream. Fresh off the back of a sell-out show at the Festival of Curiosity, Jonathan and Ivan will explain the science of food, food preparation and what our plates might look like in 2050. Join in the fun on Saturday the 23rd August at 6.15pm in the demonstration area. Gulp! is brought to you with thanks to the Donegal Local Enterprise Board and A Taste of Donegal. More info at




A method of turning liquid into solid spheres bursting with flavour


Cook steak at low temperatures using vacuum-packed meat, a beer cooler and a thermometer.


The best ice cream is usually frozen in a few minutes, and the machines that can do this consume vast amounts of power. Unless you’re using liquid nitrogen or dry ice!


Miracle Berry is a fruit that has a remarkable effect on your tastebuds – it turns sour sweet. Eat brown bread that tastes like cake, drink guinness that tastes like hot caramel and eat lemons like they were lemonade.


Suck on a toffee scorpion, chew on a juicy water bug or snack on some chocolate-covered grasshoppers, there are plenty of insects to suit all tastes as Jonathan and Ivan discuss the future of food.

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