Maurice Mc Geehan

Maurice Mc Geehan

Corporate Executive Chef at Airbnb


MauriceMcGeehanCurrently Corporate Executive Chef at Airbnb and member of the National Chef Advisory Council with Chef Network, Maurice Mc Geehan, from Fintown, Co. Donegal, graduated from Killibegs Tourism College in 1998 and worked his way up in various 5 start hotels and restaurants in Ireland.


In 2003 Maurice decided to concentrate on developing his skills further and was the first person in the country to complete six advanced culinary courses in one year, achieving his N.T.C.B Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts.


The following year, having moved to London, Maurice had the opportunity to experience everything from simple and rustic to Rosette and Michelin standards, working with chefs from all around the world with the most different backgrounds and styles of food.


Maurice then received a scholarship and completed his BSc Degree in International Culinary Arts, studying under professor David Foskett MBE, the leading authority in food in Britain.


During his time working in London, Maurice also had the privilege to cook for high profile people and celebrities such as members of The Royal Family – the Queen and Prince Andrew -, Michel Roux Jr., Nicole Scherzinger, Collin Firth, Annie Lennox, Amy Winehouse and Jay Z, among others


After 8 years in the UK, Maurice opened his own Irish restaurant in Brazil, presenting contemporary Irish dishes using local produce and bringing European techniques to Brazilian ingredients.


Returning to Ireland, having worked in Europe and South America, Maurice has learned that simplicity is key and with his knowledge of international cuisine and ingredients, Maurice is not only able to cook food from the different parts of the world authentically but also has a keen interest for modern techniques, concepts and trends and for new combinations of ingredients.


This, joined with his constant pursuit for improvement, has helped him to develop his own style of food, always combining local and fresh ingredients to produce healthy, seasonal and authentic dishes.


Currently as the Executive Chef for Airbnb EMEA headquarters in Dublin, Maurice have created a food programme where everything is made in-house, trained a team of chefs to produce food at high standards and develops seasonal menus that reflect the different cultures of the workforce in the office.


Maurice’s food program is based in authentic healthy food, sourced from sustainable producers and suppliers, seasonal as much as possible sourced from  within our own Irish shores. His aim is to create a sustainable and workable template that, in the future, other businesses can apply to their operations, where healthy food is produced in-house, with as much Irish ingredients as possible, using and supporting local producers to highlight the quality and diverse ingredients from our country.


He believes that it’s important to Ireland to develop it’s national food identity, supporting the Irish food producers, consulting and developing recipes the startup gourmet food producer Blas Na Tíre and, as a member of the National Chef Advisory Council with Chef Network, Maurice is able to use his experience to develop a strategic vision for Irish chefs.


I have high standards, an eye for detail, passion for excellence and for seasonal, fresh and locally sourced ingredients; I believe in promoting an energetic and fun work environment so that the food produced is creative, vibrant and brings joy to all.” Maurice Mc Geehan

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