Pains Fireworks Display

A short Fireworks Display over Donegal Bay will take place after the official opening on Friday 23th August 2019. With its roots in the East End of London dating back to the 15th Century, Pains Fireworks is proud to be the longest established firework display company in the United Kingdom. History suggests that the barrels of gunpowder used in the infamous plot to blow up the Parliament of James I in 1605, were “manufactured by a gunpowder manufacturer within earshot of
the Bells of Bow”. At that time the only such business was one John Pain, the founder of the modern day Pains Fireworks. Through the centuries Pains has set the benchmark for fireworks industry in the UK; building one of the first legal factories in Britain. Just after the First World War the company began its evolution from manufacturing of military pyrotechnics & shop fireworks as well as staging large ceremonial displays; to become solely focused on providing professional displays around the world. The transition of the business from 1605 to the present era was marked with the award of the Gold Jupiter at Montreal’s L’International des Feux 2007.

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