Remy Dupuy


Castle Murray House Hotel & Restaurant


Remy was born in Bordeaux in the South West of France and was brought up in sunny Toulouse in the South of France. He went to the famous Catering College in Mazamet where he trained to be a Chef, his first choice career wise.

Remy comes from a very traditional French family where the love of food comes second to family! Much of what he knows in traditional French cuisine comes from his mother Rosine.

Before arriving in Ireland, Remy had already trained and worked in quite a few award winning Restaurants around Europe which included the Claridges in London. He also spent the summer of 1992 cooking for the Olympic Village in Barcelona.

In 1995 at the age of 21, he arrived in Ireland after successfully securing a job in Castle Murray House Hotel run by the then owner Mr Thierry Delcros. After a couple of years working alongside Thierry, Remy was given the position of Head Chef and is head chef to this day. He has won many awards for his cooking skills and has also appeared on RTE’s TV series “Fresh from the Sea” along with Clodagh McKenna.



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