Rob Mc Hardy

robmchardyRob Mc Hardy “Green Forest Responsible ” MIXOLOGIE-BAR

After many years pulling pints and running night clubs, pubs and live venues Rob stumbled across Jack McGarry at the award winning cocktail bar at the Merchant hotel in Belfast 2008

After serving the same drinks for so long, discovering these new flavours, spirits , bar tools and techniques was a life changing revelation.

Using fresh fruits, proper ice, decent spirits and balanced measures, drinks became an experience to really savour.

In Paris ,Rob started a cocktail program at the Hotel “Duo”, was part of the opening team at the “Prescription cocktail club” and previously was in charge of Bar and beverages for David Lynch’s private members club “Silencio” Paris. Rob currently works  as  a mixologist with Green Forest Responsible  MIXOLOGIE-BAR.

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